Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Great Summer Celebration Campfire

We started the summer with a fun campfire in the park.  We roasted marshmallows, made Smores, and read campfire stories.

We raised enough money to have another now it is time to get planning again.  In the mean time, mark Saturday, September 14th in your calendar for the Stone Soup campfire to be held with the Farmers' Market (during market hours).
Also, if you are interested in having a campfire at our campfire site please note that a permit is required.  Permit information can be found at but is basically as set out below:
Barbeques/Fire Pit Permit Rentals
For fire pit permits, contact (416) 392 -8188
Number of People Rate
Designated Fire Pit Permit: 0 - 25 people $23.74
Designated Fire Pit Permit: 26 people and up $77.83
Undesignated Fire Pit Permit $77.83

Insurance for Fire Pits and Outdoor Ovens
Number of People Cost of Insurance
1 to 25 $27
26 to 100 $54
* Fire must be out by 10 pm

And yes, we believe that the cost of having community campfires at Withrow Park is still too expensive (about $130.00) but we are working on moving that issue forward.

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