Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Better Soccer Field at Withrow!- But Please Keep Off Until the Fences Are Down

The soccer field at Withrow Park is getting a facelift!

Over the past few summers, it became increasingly obvious that this field was in desperate need of repair. Years of use by youth and adult sports leagues, as well as by members of our neighbourhood needing a place for recreation (for themselves or their dogs), wore away at the ground until it was desert of dust and divots. Concerns about injuries and quality of play inspired some local groups to take immediate action.

In late 2010, the Downtown Soccer Toronto league went searching for a solution. With help from the City of Toronto's Parks Department, a complete makeover for the field was negotiated, but with a price tag of $60,000! Downtown Soccer Toronto and Pink Turf (another community soccer league) each raised $5,000 towards the field improvements, and also went searching for other sources of funding. The City was eventually able to come up with the remaining funds, and the renovations began in Fall 2011.

But the project isn't done yet. After placing down the new sod, the field needs time to "settle" (not the technical term), which means that no activity should take place on it, by humans or dogs. Using the field before it is ready will do damage, which would cancel out all of the effort and money put into this project. This is why fences have been put up around the field. If everyone pitches in and makes sure that the field stays unused for two more months, we can all enjoy many years of having one of the best fields in the city!

An article written about the renovations in Xtra newspaper: http://www.xtra.ca/public/Toronto/Queer_soccer_leagues_work_with_city_to_improve_public_pitch-10977.aspx

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